Swan Lake-inspired sofa is no ugly duckling: J. Robert Scott’s Odile

by | FD House, Home

A furniture piece worthy of a ballerina’s repose

by Anna Fialho Byers

A conversation piece if ever there were one, J. Robert Scott’s new sofa is inspired by the grace and beauty of Odile
from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. Designed by Sally Sirkin Lewis,the velvet-upholstered, 90-inch stunner features gently
sloping curves trimmed in glistening polished stainless steel. Gazing at it, you can just imagine the majestic Odile, the
Black Swan, pirouetting and grand jetéing across the stage in an attempt to steal the affections of the prince away from
the White Swan, princess Odette. The sofa is the epitome of elegance with edge—much like the everlasting paradox of
Odile and Odette. Price on request, through Allan Knight and Associates.



[*The online version of this story has been edited from the print version in the March/April/May 2015 issue of FD House in order to identify the correct local furniture retailer.]