Q&A: Christian Louboutin: “Beauty should be beautiful.”

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Christian Louboutin popped up at Neiman Marcus NorthPark Center in November to preview his spring collection, as well as a new collection of lipsticks. Contributing editor Stephanie Quadri sat down with the designer of the famous scarlet-soled shoes to talk about his designer collaborations, makeup as jewelry and — what else — Instagramming.

STEPHANIE QUADRI: What was the inspiration for the new bags in the spring collection?

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN: The Paloma and the Piloutin are new styles. One is a very constructed bag with a lot of elements — almost with a shape of a type of pyramid on the side, with some different details that I’ve been working on with shoes as well.

The other is completely the opposite, a very soft bag, one of a kind. Reminds me of my traveling, mostly in India, where they have a beautiful ornamentation. It’s like a pillow, although you can not sleep on it. Some have ribbons that are wrapped, all the ribbon I bought in different places in India, so they are all different, all one of a kind.

SQ: Let’s talk about the lipstick jewelry … genius.

CL: It’s a nice gesture. When I’m thinking of things I always think of the gesture, the way the woman is going to hold a bag and the movement to the shoulders or the way the woman is walking in the shoes. In a way for me, beauty is also accompanied with gesture. It’s hanging on you and you just take it. It’s already a decorated ornament. Beauty should be beautiful. There’s nothing really beautiful about a box. My idea was to accompany those things.

SQ: How do you see the flat and the sneaker trend?

CL: I’ve always done flat shoes. I always had medium heels and high heels. I love them all. I like to make different types of shoes for different people.

SQ: You collaborated with designers such as Zac Posen and Naeem Khan for their runway shows during Fashion Week. Will those styles be produced?

CL: It’s nice to work with other designers because I am very focused on my own work and it’s nice to mix it up. When I do shoes for catwalks, it’s a little more complicated. We do [produce]them in limited editions so that they really reflect what they have seen, because usually people want what they see on the runway.

SQ: How do those partnerships come about?

CL: People generally come to me for collaborations. I’m never obliged to do it. It’s quite natural the way it comes about. I respect the person and what they do. That starts the collaboration.

SQ: What places or people will you visit while in Dallas?

CL: I always keep some time to see friends when I’m in Dallas. I have to go get my driver’s license in California tomorrow so I won’t have much time to do that this time.

I do love Tex-Mex food and always go for that, but I am going to Uchi tonight.

The Piloutin

The Paloma