Progressive and pretty: The city’s most gorgeous orders, from drink to dessert

by | Dining

A stylish sip, a natty nosh. Here, a moveable feast made up of the most gorgeous orders in town


Let’s make a date — just don’t call it a dinner date. Drinks come first, at a new place. We’ll go elsewhere for appetizers, then skip off to another restaurant for entrées. Dessert’s last, of course, at a sweet new spot. The next time you’re planning a fashionable dinner, don’t plunk down for several courses at the same place. Be progressive. And very, very pretty.


The sexiest cocktail in town is Berries & Bubbles at Ocean Prime. The smokey secret: A speck of dry ice hidden in the bottom of the martini glass keeps this cocktail frothing till you finish. With its mix of citrus-infused Belvedere Vodka, sparkling wine and crème de cassis, this drink is just right for sophisticated sipping somewhere in Europe. If the jet’s not fueled up, Ocean Prime’s intoxicating piano bar will certainly do.


The bone marrow dish at Proof + Pantry is a beautiful way to start any evening. The dish is served with silver spoons — fitting — used to scoop velvety marrow topped with tomato jam, edible flowers and blowtorch-toasted, house-made marshmallows. Pass the plate around so everyone gets a taste.

Omakase at Nick and Sam’s Steakhouse, 3008 Maple Ave. in Dallas.


Who says you have to eat steak at a steakhouse? Leave your dinner in the hands of Nick & Sam’s sushi chef Joe Xie and he’ll choose a surprise selection of sashimi, nigiri and rolls for the omakase platter. The dish features his freshest raw fish, plated gorgeously and begging to be Instagram’d. The plate is portioned depending on the number in your party, which means it gets more elaborate if your friends join in.


Forget about decadent cakes sitting 6 inches high. Hit the hopping new Preston Hollow outpost of Dish restaurant for a stylish, simple peanut-butter trifle in a small parfait glass. (The original Cedar Springs Road location offers it, too.) Its delicate layers include chocolate mousse, peanut-butter mousse and devil’s food cake, all topped with crunchy shavings of toasted crepe mixed with dark chocolate and sea salt. You’ll be satisfied after a few spoonfuls — and eager to plan your next elegant outing.

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