Meet the Littkes: The worldly, modern couple behind Set & Co.

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A year after trading Los Angeles for Dallas, creative couple Jennifer Littke and Adam Littke have kept their day jobs—she’s an interior designer, he produces commercials and videos—but added a new gig: shop owners. The two have opened Set & Co., a source for artisanal kitchen and home goods, inside a sun-washed, renovated brick building at the corner of West Davis and Tyler streets.

The store, more akin to a gallery, is stocked with a rotating selection of small-batch products, from candles to ceramics, all hand-made and found on the Littkes’ frequent travels. Adam, wearing a durable, dandy, knee-length khaki blazer, rattles off from whence they buy: “London, Belgium, Italy, L.A., San Fran, Brooklyn, Portland, Philadelphia,” he says, struggling to recall the mall. Jennifer, sporting a pixie cut and coordinating khaki apron, says the two are drawn to finds with character. There are shapely vases by artist Ria Leigh, painted with images ofthe female nude (a surprise Dallas hit, Jennifer says); handmade tableware by two young Philadelphia designers working as Felt + Fat who produce customearthy colors just for Set & Co.; even a contemporary farmhouse dining set crafted by Hudson Valley artisan Jonah Meyer. You’ll also find Scottish teapots, mouth-blown Belgian glassware, brass Japanese flatware and organic hand soaps. How else does this thoroughly with-it couple find what’s cool? Instagram. “It sounds funny,” Jennifer says, “but it’s a really good source.” 841 W. Davis St., Dallas, 214-948-1000;