The new Porsche Macan: So hot it comes with a waiting list

by | Automotive

First, the new Porsche Macan has a name ripe for mispronunciation. Say it with me: “ma-KAHN.” (Think of a bird squawking.) Second, you can’t have one. Porsche’s sexy 2015 compact luxury SUV is so hot — and a relative bargain beginning at $49,900 — that there is already a waiting list. Is it the race-car DNA? The 340 horses? The cockpit-style cabin? The 3-D taillights? Whatever it is, demand is so great that Porsche has enacted a savvy emergency tactic to retain potential customers: Order a Macan and get a short-term lease on a Boxster or Cayman until your vehicle arrives. Yes, in other words, choose the SUV but drive a smokin’ sports scar or convertible until it gets here. It’s like being engaged to the practical person, but getting to take the fun person out until you tie the knot. Everybody wins. Information