Hot and Bothered: The Avon Building is history

by | Architecture, Design

An ode to the elegant 85-year-old historical structure that was


During its 85-year run on Lemmon Avenue near the Oak Lawn Avenue intersection, the Avon Building served as a luxury residential hotel, a live-in secretarial college and an apartment complex. On November 22, 1963, it watched from its perch as President John F. Kennedy and his motorcade passed by, en route from Dallas Love Field to downtown. It witnessed history, and now it has become history. In April, Avon residents were told to scatter, and, in early May, the wrecking ball began to swing, turning the Avon into rubble ferried off to a Lewisville landfill ostensibly to make way for a Verizon outlet. (There is already a Verizon store about a block-and-a-half away.) The elegant, marble-floored Avon was just another local landmark in name only, without anything to spare it. It has been erased. It’s the Dallas thing to do.