From the FD June Hot Issue: Why Tallywackers, now open in Dallas, is one hot mess

by | Dining

You’ll never think of mustard the same


Cheesy. Sleazy. And with a tee-hee name that has gotten the attention of Jimmy Fallon, the Huffington Post, TMZ and USA Today. They’ve been dangling campaign shots out there of shirtless hunks in red aprons but, for health-code reasons, your server will likely be in a “tight red T-shirt and something that’s going to be a boxer-brief equivalent,” owner Rodney Duke told the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show in April. Oh, and you will have chosen to sit in his section based purely on his looks, thanks to a photo gallery at check-in. Yes, you’ll go to Tallywackers once for the guy candy — certainly not for the giant TVs and sports-stadium fare — but what might lure you back are the irresistible double entendres you get to play with while there: wieners, buns, et al. Come on. Like you weren’t already there. 4218 Lemmon Ave., 469-914-5213;

Don’t miss: Outtakes, below, from our Hot Issue photo shoot (our hunky Tallywacker is really Dallas model David Miller) and Tiney Ricciardi’s story for GuideLive. FD‘s annual Hot issue — the Tallywackers and 24 more sexy, scintillating, absurd things — is out this weekend in black boxes all over town, in select copies of Sunday’s Dallas Morning News and at