Artist Max Brodén’s vision of downtown Dallas’ future

by | Architecture, Design

Max Brodén’s illustrated response to the “scary” downtown of yesterday

Future Dallas skyline, Max Broden

FD commissioned artist Max Brodén to conjure his vision of a future Dallas.“It’s that open-ended,” wrote art director Jamie Huckaby. “Is it a moment? An anecdote? A skyline? A trend? Where would you take us?” Brodén, who studied filmmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute and has worked with computer animation and 3-D printing, answered with the spaceship-eye view ofthe city you see here.“

Dallas is rapidly expanding and its voice is being heard on a global level. I remember when Central Market was strip clubs, going downtown was scary and the safest place was home. Only recently has Dallas become a walkable city. I created this illustration of a Future Dallas based on the green spaces that have been created downtown. These spaces have created relaxing and safe environments—whereas, previously, you would hardly see the sun or another person.”