How does she do it?


Award-winning decorator Charlotte Moss shares her enthusiasm for nature in her new book — she has written eight, to date — Garden Inspirations ($50, Rizzoli, available at Neiman Marcus). Moss takes us inside her East Hampton house and garden, where she emphasizes outdoor entertaining, in addition to sharing her poised perspective developed while exploring gardens across America, Europe and Russia (Texas FYI: Lady Bird Johnson gets kudos for her green thumb and her contributions to highway-side plantings.) We sat down with the seasoned designer during a recent visit to Neiman Marcus,to get some fast tips on living more vividly — inside and outside the house.

“Gardening is accessible. You don’t have to have a patch of grass. There are somany diverse ways to do it.”

“Learn to entertain at home. It doesn’t have to be overthought. Keep it simple: white china and periwinkle
linens with some fried chicken.”

“Plants and flowers are important. A little color and fragrance goes a long way, indoors and out.”

“Invest! A good rug, an antiquemirror in the bedroom, a statement entry piece, good-quality linens and china.”

“Less is more. I never thought these words would come across my lips. Be selective with purchases. Fewer tassels and fringe.” ?